WideWheel Pro Electric Scooter

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Power: 501-1000w

Foldable: YES

Voltage: 48v

Applicable: Unisex

Charging Time: 6-8h

Range Per Charge: 40-60km

Category: Two-wheel Scooter

Model Number: Mercane Widewheel pro

Tire Size: 8 inch






1.Pressing the button for about 2 seconds turns the power ON.
2.Set the desired driving mode ( check the "dashboard setting" )
3.When Power is ON,push the scooter and gently press the accelerator to operate.
4.Use the brake lever to slow down and stop.
5.When Power is ON,press the button for about 2 seconds to turn OFF the power.

★Note : there is a built-in kick & go function,so when driving for the first time,push the product with one foot so the kickboard can move forward.After doing so,you must use the accelerator to drive.

●Driving mode can be selected manually according to the user's desire.

ECO Mode
This mode allows smooth and efficient driving by adjusting the output and acceleration.

Power Mode
Users can use maximum output and torque of the product.
This mode allows active driving with fast response speed.However,in Power mode,the speed is automatically limited when the speed exceeds 25km/h according to law.


-Handlebar folding method
a)Pull the handlebar folding control cover in the direction of the arrow and lower the handle in the downward direction.
b)When you open it,hold the handlebar and slowly move it upwards to return the folding control cover to its original position.

-Handlepost folding method
a)Loose the folding knob 7-10 turns in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise).
b)Push the folding knob in the ② direction and push the handle post in the ③ direction when the handle post is pushed to the right-the lock is released.
c)Lower the folding knob until the handle post 'clicks' and then turn the folding dial in the opposite direction to tighten it.
d)Unfold the product in the reverse order of folding,then tighten the folding dial to secure the handle post.

*When the product is first received,it is folded.Turn the folding dial 7~10 times and push the folding dial to unlock it.Then,lift up the handle post until it locks,and then tighten the folding dial.
*Lock the folding dial firmly so that the folding does not loose while driving.

Product Dimensions

Expand Size : 1097mm*550mm*1100mm
Folding Size : 1100mm*220mm*410cm


Wide Wheel PRO Body
Battery Charger
Hex Key and other tools
User manual

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