Automatic Dripping Coffee Maker / Tea Brewer + Free Ceramic Coffee Cup

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A cup of coffee

Wake up the good life of the day

Every morning on a busy working day, you need a cup of coffee to refresh yourself

You can also experience the enjoyment of a cafe at home

Exclusive for one person

Every drop is fragrant and delicious, which is unforgettable

No more no less, a single cup of coffee

Ensure that the coffee has a mellow taste without wasting

Thoughtful design

Simple operation

Fill water to the top and have a coffee cup thoughtfully

Just for you who are afraid of trouble

Steam extraction

Fully release coffee aroma

Drip filter type coffee machine, make the water and coffee powder fully joined

Ensure that every drop of taste is mellow and delicious

Small and exquisite appearance

Everywhere I go is a scenery

Dining room, table, small and compact appearance to satisfy your hobby of looking well

3 Simple steps

A cup of fragrant, unforgettable

First step

Fill up cold water (pure water is better)

Second step

Fill about 5g of coffee powder

Third step

Press on the switch

Enjoy the coffee in the cup

One machine for multiple use

Can brew scented tea

Steam extraction,can brew tea and other scented tea/coffee powder

Brewing other powders is also a good choice

Fancy afternoon tea

Take a moment of leisure

A good time in the afternoon, how can I miss up a cup of coffee

Large stainless steel panel

Beautiful appearance and high grade

Convenient control panel, exquisite appearance, easily integrated into every home corner

Night companion till dawn

With me, you will never be too lonely

Get rid of all the glitz and enjoy the tranquility that belongs to only one person

With a cup of warm coffee, remember to love and remember love yourself.

Intelligent anti-dry burn

More security

Real-time monitoring of temperature, better enjoyment

Live a good life alone

However, feel sweet and heartwarming


Brand Name: KONKA

Certification: CE

Capacity (Cup): <5 cups

Power (W): 450W

Function: Cafe American

Type: Drip Coffee Maker

Voltage (V): 220V~50HZ

Housing Material: Plastic

Model Number: KCF-CS2

Tank capacity: 300ml

Net weight: 0.75kg

Product size: 23*17.5*23cm

Power cord length: 0.7m

Performance parameters:

Product model: KCF-CS2

Rated power: 450W

Rated voltage/frequency:220V~/50HZ

Capacity: 300m

Product gross weight: 1.61kg

Product size: 280*230*292mm


We offer one year warranty for the product.

Package including:

1.1*coffee machine

2.1*coffee cup



Before using the electrical appliance, the following basic precautions should always be followed including the following:

1. Read all instructions.

2. Make sure that your outlet voltage corresponds to the voltage stated on the rating label of the coffee maker.

3.Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug, or in abnormal state. If its main cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, the nearest service agent or a qualified person.

4. Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.

5. To protect against fire, electric shock and injury to persons do not immerse cord, plug, in water or other liquid.

6. Remove plug from wall outlet before cleaning and when not in use. Allow appliance cool down completely before taking off, attaching components or before cleaning.

7. The use of accessory is not recommended by the appliance manufacturer. It may result in fire, electric shock and/or person injury.

8. The container is designed for use with this appliance. It can not be used on a range top.

9.Do not clean container with cleansers, steel wool pads, or other abrasive materials.

10. Do not hang power cord over the edge of table or counter, or touch hot surface.

11. Do not place the coffee maker on hot surface or beside fire in order to avoid to be damaged.

12. To disconnect, remove plug from wall outlet. Always hold the plug. But never pull the cord.

13. Do not use appliance for other than intended use and place it in a dry environment.

14. Close supervision is necessary when your appliance is being used near children.

15. Be careful not to get burned by the steam.

16. To disconnect, turn any control to “Off”, then remove plug from wall outlet.

17. Do not let the coffee maker operate without water.

18. Never use the appliance if the Ceramic jug shows any signs of cracks. . Use carefully as the Ceramic jug is very fragile.

19. Do not set a hot container on a wet or cold surface.

20. Do not use a cracked container or a container having a loose or weakened handle.

21. Scalding may occur if the cover is removed during the brewing cycles.

22. Some parts of appliance are hot when operated, so do not touch with hand. Use handles or knobs only.

23. Do not set a hot container on a hot or cold surface.

24.This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliances by a person responsible for their safety.

25.Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

26.This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as:

– staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments;

– farm houses;

– by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;

– bed and breakfast type environments.

27. Do not use outdoors.

28. Save these instructions.



Check that all accessories are complete and the unit is not damaged. Add clean water up to maximum level to brew several times without coffee powder according to the steps below, and then discard the water. Wash the detachable parts thoroughly with warm water.


1.Open the water tank lid and fill the water tank with cold drinking water. The water level should not exceed MAX level as indicated on water gauge.

2.Swing the sprayer out, put the funnel into Water tank, then place the filter in the funnel, and make sure it is assembled correctly.

3. Add coffee powder into filter. Usually a cup of coffee needs a level spoon of coffee powder, but you may adjust according to personal taste. Close the top cover.

4. Put the Ceramic jug in the right place.

5. Plug the power cord into the outlet.

6. Pressing the switch down, the indicator will be illuminated. The appliance will begin working.

7.In order to prevent the machine from drying up, the machine will automatically power off after 7 minutes of power on; if you want to continue using the machine, you need to press the switch again.

8. Upon completion of brewing coffee, that is one minute later after the coffee stops dripping out, you can remove the Ceramic jug, pour and serve.

Note: the brewed coffee you get will be slightly less than the water you have added as some water is absorbed by coffee powder. DO NOT touch cover ,and so on when operating as they are very hot.

9.Always turn the coffee maker off and disconnect the power supply after use.

Note: Be careful when pouring the coffee out, otherwise you would be hurt as the temperature of coffee just finished is high.


CAUTION: Always unplug the product from electrical outlet and allow the warming plate to cool completely before cleaning it. Never immerse the unit or power cord into water or any other liquid for cleaning.

1. Clean all detachable parts after each use in hot, sudsy water.

2. Wipe the product’s exterior surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove stains.

3. Water droplets may buildup in the area above the funnel and drip onto the product base during brewing. To control the dripping, wipe off the area with a clean, dry cloth after each use of the product.

4. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe the warming plate. Never use abrasive cleaner to clean it.

5. Replace all parts and keep for next use.


To keep your coffee maker operating efficiently, periodically you should clean away the mineral deposits left by the water according to the water quality in your area and the use frequency. We recommend decalcifying your coffee maker as follows, using a solution of white vinegar and cold water. A solution of two tablespoons (30ml) white vinegar in one Ceramic jug of cold water works best.

1. Fill the tank with the vinegar solution to the maximum level as indicated on water gauge.

2. Insert glass Ceramic jug onto the warming plate.

3. Make ensure paper filter (without coffee powder) and funnel are assembled in place.

4. Switch on the appliance and allow it to “brew” de-scaling solution.

5. After “brew” one-cup solution, switch off the appliance.

6. Leave the solution stay for 15 minutes and repeat step 3-5.

7. Switch on the appliance and run off the solution until the water tank is completely empty.

8. Rinse by operating the appliance with water at least 3 times.


1.A clean coffee maker is essential for making great-tasting coffee. Regularly clean the coffee maker as specified in the “CARE AND CLEANING” section. Always use fresh, cold water in the coffee maker.

2.Store unused coffee powder in a cool, dry place. After opening a package of coffee powder, reseal it tightly and store it in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness.

3.For an optimum coffee taste, buy whole coffee beans and finely grind them just before brewing.

4.Do not reuse coffee powder since this will greatly reduce the coffee’ flavor. Reheating coffee is not recommended as coffee is at its peak flavor immediately after brewing.

5.Clean the coffee maker when over-extraction causes oiliness. Small oil droplets on the surface of brewed, black coffee are due to the extraction of oil from the coffee powder.

6.Oiliness may occur more frequently if heavily roasted coffees are used.